Welcome Amanda Malloy – Girly Geek of the Week!

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Meet Amanda!  She is another #Supermom of 3 kids, A #SalesforceVet since 2007, a #WIT chapter Co-Leader for Iowa, an active Success Community member AND a #SoloAdmin!! Amanda is a #RockStar!! I think this is a #GGOTW record for #Hashtags LOL!! Read on and check this amazing woman out!  

Me:  How & when did you start working with Salesforce?

Amanda: I started using Salesforce in 2007.  At that time I was one of two power users within my organization.  The Salesforce admin became my mentor- he (By the way, “HE” is none other than Mike Gerholdt!!!) taught me about the platform, let me assist with projects, encouraged me to take the Admin 201 training and was my study partner before I earned my first certification in 2013.  My career would not be where it is today if I didn’t have the mentorship and motivation to keep pushing me to that next level.  That is awesome!! you had a great start!! Not many of us were that fortunate!  I was solo learning on my own!

Me:  What is your current role working with Salesforce?

Amanda: I am currently a solo Salesforce Administrator at The University of Iowa (in the College of Business).  We are in the implementation phase and let me tell you- this is challenging!!  When I started 6 months ago, development was already underway, so I had a lot of catching up to do.  But I think the most challenging was going from working with two other certified admins (at my previous job) to being a solo admin.  THANK GOODNESS for the AWESOME Success Community!  They keep me sane on days when I ask myself what the heck I’m doing?!  🙂  The Success Community is my other family for sure!! and good luck with this awesome challenge!! 🙂

Me:  What is your favorite thing to do in Salesforce and why?

Amanda: I like to a lot of things within Salesforce, but honestly, my favorite is helping/training users.  I love talking with users to understand how they use Salesforce each day (or need to use it) to then determine what I can do to help improve that process for them.  If my users aren’t successful within the system, then I don’t feel that I am successful at my job.  #Truth!! ❤

Me:  Are you currently certified? And if so what certifications do you hold?

Amanda: Absolutely!!  I currently hold the Administrator and Advanced Administrator certifications. Congrats! 🙂

Me:  What are some of your aspirations and/or goals when it comes to Salesforce?

Amanda:  Keeping pushing myself to learn something new about Salesforce every day (Trailhead!!) and get the Platform App Builder certification by the end of 2016.  Good Luck!  and I myself have just started to get back into Trailhead learning more complex things that I can use in my current position!

Me:  Do you have any advice for women working with Salesforce?

Amanda: Don’t let anything hold you back!  If you are passionate about it- GO FOR IT!!  Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but it can also be the most rewarding thing you will do for yourself!!  Agreed!  otherwise how else will you grow?! 🙂

Me:  What kinds of things are you involved in, and/or do you like to do outside of the Salesforce world?

Amanda: When I’m not focused on Salesforce, I am at home with my family which consists of my husband and three daughters (ages 5, 4, and 2).  Over the last couple of years I have gained a passion for working out and running.  So every morning at 4:15 you can find me in my basement working out.  It’s the only time when it’s quiet in my house and when I can put all my thoughts together and plan my day.  🙂  I am also the co-leader of the Iowa Women in Tech group, and an active member in the Eastern Iowa User Group. OMG!! YOU … GO… GIRL!!!  #SuperMom!! I love it and you have just inspired me!!

Me:  Are you part of a Girly Geeks Chapter?

Amanda:  Of course!!  I am the co-leader of Iowa Women in Tech and a member of Women in Tech! YAY!!

It was a pleasure getting to know you Amanda and thank you very much for sharing!

You are definitely an inspiration!

For those of you that want to follow Amanda, here are her links:
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/malloya
Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/117844741765191317078
Twitter handle:  @AmandaMalloy13
Sfdc Community link:  https://success.salesforce.com/_ui/core/userprofile/UserProfilePage?u=005300000046wuf&tab=sfdc.ProfilePlatformFeed