CAT - 22nd post


Yes this is a fact.   The Salesforce Success Community now has OVER 2 Million users and counting!

For anyone who is and has been active in the Community, you know that it is absolutely amazing!  Not just the amount of useful information, but the efficiency, ownership, passion and all around generosity of the Community to help each other.  I have never been part of a Community this strong or this big.  And it is not limited to just the Success Community.  It’s also Stack Exchange, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to name a few.

I started becoming really active in the Success Community the Summer of 2014.  I had recently moved to North Carolina from Delaware and only knew one person in the area.  The Success Community was a way that I could give back my Salesforce knowledge to newbies and also meet other Salesforce enthusiasts. This was completely awesome but I wanted more than virtual friends.  So, I joined the local Raleigh user group and shortly after started the Raleigh WIT (formerly Girly Geeks) chapter.  This was only after my super awesome Success Manager, at the time, Nicole Alford (former MVP) mentioned the Girly Geeks & local chapters to me and said I should reach out to Geraldine Gray (current MVP) who in turn put me in contact with Amber Boaz (current MVP).  Turns out I was practically neighbors with Amber who helped me get the chapter going.   Not too long after, I started my blog and the Girly Geek Of The Week series in order to provide visibility to women doing awesome work with Salesforce.  This is really where I started meeting so many amazing women in the Success Community and on social media outlets.  These ladies were and are kicking ass with Salesforce and have been such an inspiration to me and other people with how passionate they are about their careers and other important areas in their personal lives.  Each week I’m so honored and humbled to feature these women.  In addition, the women featured are getting increased visibility in the Community and on social media outlets.  For example, one of the ladies said she was getting noticed quite a bit more on Linkedin and Twitter due to her feature.  This equals more career opportunities!  THAT is the power of the Success Community!

In closing, It’s been a whirlwind ever since I first became a part of the Salesforce Community.  Because I dove in head first getting involved, I met (and continue to meet) so many amazing people virtually and in person and have gained so many new friends.  Not only that, but my career has blossomed as well.  I truly believe Salesforce and the Community is why I am where I am with an extremely successful career.

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